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Things Parents should take into account when seeking a child custody lawyer

The experienced Child Custody Lawyers and Attorney’s at Seattle, Washington are uniquely committed to ensuring your legal rights are protected and ensuring your child’s best interests are first and foremost on any Child Custody, visitation or support issues. Parents are encouraged to seek the advice and representation of an attorney as soon as possible following the termination of their marriage or relationship.

There are a number of important considerations, parents should take into account when seeking the services of a child custody lawyer and/or attorney. These include but are not limited to: determining the child custody laws in your state, understanding the process and litigation procedure, and knowing the legal rights of your child. Many times a father or mother will make arrangements for visitation or may even agree on joint physical custody. However, the ultimate decision regarding where the child will spend most of her time will rest with the court and the child custody lawyer.

In deciding upon child custody arrangements, the courts are concerned with the best interest of the child, which is always considered the best interest of the child under the circumstances. For example, many cases revolve around the question of paternity. If the father is unable to prove he is the biological father, he will be awarded visitation rights. If the father does prove he is the biological father, he and the mother can work out an arrangement where she has sole legal custody of the child and he has primary physical custody. These are just a few examples of the kinds of cases the courts consider when deciding child custody arrangements.

Every state has different laws regarding visitation and custody. Although all states recognize the right of joint physical custody, the family court will consider what would be in the best interest of the child under the given circumstances. For example, in the case of a parent that has a serious alcohol addiction problem, it is very likely the other parent will be awarded sole legal custody. The parent may be required to participate in meetings with the child or have frequent contact with the child. If the parent is suffering from a serious mental illness, he may also be ordered to participate in meetings and be supervised by a psychiatrist or psychologist.

Some parents wonder how they should proceed if they are in a dispute over their parental rights and want to work out an amicable agreement between the two parents. Most parents agree that if they can reach an agreement, the child will benefit from both parents cooperating together and sharing their parental rights. Sometimes parents choose to go to court to pursue a custody dispute and their chances of winning greatly increase. In contested cases, the parents usually have to go before the family court to establish the paternity of the child. In these cases, the parents have usually agreed on a parenting plan and a custody agreement and have decided on which parent they will live with and which parent they will trust with their children.

There are many factors that can be considered when determining what would be in the best interest of a child under the given circumstances. Often times, it is determined that joint physical custody is in the child’s best interest. There are also times when one parent will try to establish a visitation schedule that is favorable for them financially. Once the parents have determined what would be in the child’s best interest, they can work together to establish and maintain an agreement that ensures the child has adequate medical and other needs. When parents are working together to establish a parenting plan, they are usually happier and the child has more access to both parents.